Product Details & Hallmarking

Jewelco London’s products are sold by piece.
Weights & Dimensions are for descriptive purposes only and may differ from time to time.
We endeavour to supply as close as possible to indicated weights and dimensions.
If you are concerned about specifications, please feel free to contact us in advance to confirm details.
Slight variation in dimensions is normal and will not affect the quality or value of your jewellery.

As the image size will vary across different devices, the size of the product in the image must not be used as a guide. Please refer to the dimensions provided or contact us for further assistance.

Prices quoted include UK VAT at the current rate.
International Customers are liable for all duties and other levies.
Jewelco London is unable to provide VAT refunds when sending items abroad.

Jewelco London supply jewellery made from various precious metals.
Our Jewellery is hallmarked in accordance with the UK Hallmarking Act.
Gold items weighing less than 1 gram, or Silver products weighing less than 7.78grams, do not require a UK Hallmark.

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